Game Consoles Repair Services. Professional Service With Fast Turnaround. All Repairs Warrantied. FREE DIAGNOSTICS!

1 Repair Spot is a company mainly focuses on electronics devices repair in New York City. Our company offers a full range of Game Consoles Repair and technical support. Our new equipment provides high quality of repair. We use only the latest professional techniques and equipment to not only repair your game console, but clean and restore it to proper working condition. We're so confident in our methods and experience that we warranty all Xbox repairs, PS3 repairs, and Wii repairs. In the rare event that your console is too damaged to be fixed, you don't pay a dime. The repair process is FAST and simple. No other company can compare to the SPEED at which we provide your console repair needs. Beating any manufacturer price, we repair YOUR system so you get YOUR DATA recovered in the process!

XBOX 360 Repair

3 red lights failure – “Red ring of Death”;
No Video / Audio Only;
E74, E73, E69, E63, E64 and Other Errors;
DVD Drive Problems / Replacements;
Additional Cooling Devices Custom Case.

PSP 1000 LCD Replacement;
PSP 2000/3000 LCD Replacement;
Case Replacement;
Button / Joystick Repair;
UMD Disc Drive Repair;
PSP Motherboard Replacement.

Cracked Case or Hinge Replacement;
Card Reader Replacement;
LCD Screen Repair;
Touch Screen Repair;
Buttons Replacement;
Fuse or Power Repair.

Problem Not Listed? Just call (347) 404-043 / (347) 441-5102 or email us!

Drive Replacement / No Read Discs;
Bricked Wii – Black Screen Repair;
Nintendo Wii Problem;
PricesDrive Replacement / No Read Discs.

PS3 Repair Services

Blinking Yellow / Red Light (YLOD);
Power Supply Replacement;
Drive/Lens Replacement;
PS3 HDMI Port Repair / Replacement;
Cleaning + Thermal Paste Reapplication;
PS3 12V Fan Upgrade.

SEGA Console

LCD Screen only looks good when viewed at an unnatural angle;
Bright parts of the picture create 'ghost lines' in the dark parts;
Screen looks washed out, dim, and lacking in contrast;
Turns itself off (in extreme cases);
Problems are alleviated when unit has warmed up a bit.