iPhone Repair Services. Chipest Prices in New York! SAME DAY REPAIR!

We offer to repair the iPhone 4S 5 at affordable prices and with guaranteed quality of service. It does not matter whether your gadget went in the water, or accidentally fell from the table to the floor, we will be able to revive the unit and give it a second chance at life, at least before the next model.

Often repair iPhone 4S takes just five days, provided that all the necessary details in the message center. So, for example, iPhone 4S Battery Repair 5 is basically day after treatment the client. We test the battery gadget and if it is permanently disabled, replace it with a new inventory of the warehouse.

iPhone 4s 5 Home Button Repair - failure more serious than the problems with the battery. There were cases when Home Button repair and the owner did not give a smartphone just had to include an expensive device to a landfill. But do not worry, these serious cases - a rarity, more often repairs are possible or even hits harder to afford the owner. In any case, in order to find out whether it is possible repair of your smartphone in any situation, you should not delay and contact the service center. Speculate on the daisy: lucky or not, is not the best solution, which, perhaps, may lead to irreversible changes in the final "stuffing" iPhone and kill the device. Do you need it? Same thing with the tablets produced by the company from Cupertino.

We sincerely hope that is not necessary, because you do not buy iPhone 4S 5 not to part with it because of the small breaks, cracks or scratches body on the side? So do not complain to the manufacturer, high humidity, and other environmental factors, any iPhone 4S 5 repair can return to life. Only need to want to give the device a second chance and believe in professional service personnel who wish with all my heart to help you and your smartphone iPhone 4S 5.

iPhohe Repair

Here are some of the most common services we provide:
White iPhone 4 /3gs/3g Cracked LCD or Glass Repair;
iPhone 4/3gs/3g Water Damage Repair;
iPhone 4g/3gs/3g Battery Replacement;
iPhone Sound/Speaker Repair;
iPhone Charging port sync Repair;
iPhone Housing repair & replacement;
Jailbreak for iPhone iPod iPad and more...

We perform a FREE Diagnostics test and give you a FREE Estimate.

Call us today at (347) 404-0439! We offering our services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island.

Cracked LCD Screen / Digitizer:

Since 1999 we�ve built our business repairing electronics in NYC & Brooklyn & Queens & Staten Island. So whether you have an iPad 3, iPod Touch or an Apple iPad, MacBook, iPad 2, drop by One Repair Spot today and get it fixed! Life�s too short to be unhappy with your cell phone so head over to One Repair Spot today.

Liquid Damage Processing

A highly detailed process attempting to reverse the effects of liquid contamination in a iPhone. You know it�s bad when your hand-held electronics get wet � but all hope is not lost. Unplug it, take out the battery � and rush it to One Repair Spot. Leave it with us and within a reasonable amount of time we will do EVERYTHING we can to get it working. Come by or call for details.

Mail-In Repairs

Unable to make the drive to New York City? No worries�we have you covered! Just mail us your damaged phone(s) and we’ll repair it fast and ship it back (within 48 hours). Use our Mail-In Repairs page to get started. You won’t even need to leave your home!

Concidering the acquired ability to repair and restore iPod Touch 1st 2nd 3th and 4th generations, iPad Repair iPad2 iPhone 4 Repair iPhone 5 iPhone 3Gs and Apple iPod Touch 4 Repair with operating systems iOS4, iOS5. Therefore we can say with confidence that in the future we will be able to service and repair any apple iPhone 4s Repair iPad 3 or iPhone 5 Repair with operating system iOS5 and more.
Get a White iPhone 4

We offer to replace iPhone 4 iPhone 4s Black Panels with the Original White.
Replacement includes following 100% original parts for iPhone 4 iPhone 4s:

iPhone 4s Full front Assembly (white) Original (LCD+Digitizer+Frame);
iPhone 4 Complete Back Cover (white) Original;
iPhone 4 Home Button (white) Original;
iPhone 4 Home flex cable Original;
iPhone 4 Earpiece Silver Mesh Original.

Jail-breaking & Unlocking

Maybe you set a lock code and forgot what it was. Other times you may need a procedure that will allow your GSM phone to be used on other networks � we can do that to.


Load your phone with the latest firmware. Installation of this special software can provide improved performance, or load carrier specific parameters that allow access to enhanced features.

Data Transfers

Transfer data from one working device to another. Copy your pictures to a CD or memory stick. Print out a hard copy of your phonebook. Don�t let your contacts and memories get away from you.

Spyware Detection And Deletion

Do you know if you�re in control of your information? Now more than ever, people have found ways to load software on your phone to listen to your conversations, read your texts, and even hear you talking without being on a call! We can detect and remove all spyware on any phone. Don�t wait until its too late, if you suspect something is odd, DONT RISK IT! Come to the experts!

Data Recovery & Erasures

Extracting valuable data from a device that is beyond repair or simply saving data that is more valuable than the phone itself! We understand how important your data is to you!