Our company has been successfully installing the closed circuit cameras or systems of video surveillance and safety (including control of the property safety in the internet) and providing the peace, tranquility and confidence for the clients since 2006. Our company also has been designing, projecting, installing, adjusting the computer and telephone networks and systems, door intercommunication systems and multimedia systems. We are as well-organized team of specialists-professionals, with a vast theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Ready to apply our knowledge, fulfill all your wishes and guarantee quality, service and safety.

Closed circuit cameras or systems of video surveillance with a DVR record

Computer systems of video surveillance provide:
high quality of video recording;
high rate of access to video archives;
opportunity of digital increase, scaling and zooming of any shot;
instant search and viewing of the video record on the camera, date and time;
opportunity of integration with other computer safety systems;
easy and inexpensive translation of the video archives on the communication channels;
opportunity to send the alarm reports and messages by e-mail and SMS;
opportunity to export the video information to the compatible external carrier;
opportunity of the remote (LAN/Internet) viewing;
opportunity (or its absence) of the individual tuning of every camera;
opportunity to manage the turn off the camera through the web-browser, to regulate the clearness of the image, and brightness etc.;
opportunity to connect with the door intercommunication system and to record everyone who enters through the office’s door, password security of the system;
opportunity to connect motion detector with security cameras in a secure zone, detection of faces recognizing software, detection of the moving objects, detection of the zone covered video camera, detection of the video camera flare or overexposure, detection of the video camera , detection of the background change, detection of the video camera focusing, detection of the video image stability and Audio detectors.

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Computer Networks

Computer networks are the necessary attribute of the modern office. They provide a rapid and effective exchange of the information between the employees of the enterprise or separate structural subdivisions (offices and branches), considerably raising the productivity and technological level of the company. At the same time computer networks are complicated systems that consist of great number of components. The reliability of its work depends a lot on the competent and installation of the computer networks, optimization and adjustment of the computer network. This work must be done only by qualified specialists in this field.

Designing, projecting and installing and setting of the computer networks require a great number of nuances:
Maximal loading on a network;
Amount of users;
Reliability of network;
Opportunity of the further development and modernization of the computer network (scalability);
Special characteristics of the office and building in which it is located;
Financial means of a customer.

Having studied the above stated information the specialists on installation and adjustment of the computer networks strongly recommend the use of one of the types of the local networks:

Wireless networks;
Structured cable networks.

After preparation of the technical project computer networks are installed, including the following works: cables laying, placement of the floor channels, mounting of the additional wall outlets (if necessary), adjustment of the computer networks and the center of data storage.