Who we are

1RepairStore is a computer repair company located in NYC. We started our company in April 2008 and have had a wide variety of customers in New York City. We have conducted professional repairs such as iPhone & iPad repair, virus removals, hard drive recovery's, desktop computer and laptop upgrades, fixing slow computers, and some repairs that can't even make a category so we have to call them custom computer services. Our lead technician brings 15+ years of professional Computer Repair experience. We are fully capable and ready to help you with all types of technical problems ranging from personal computers, laptops, networking, wireless networking, software & hardware (installations & upgrades). We as a company decided to join the computer repair association for many reasons. But the most important reason is the code of ethics which our business is guided by. The code of conduct we have promised to follow is listed:

We will conduct all business practices with the clients best interest in mind.
We will keep all customers information private and will never divulge client information to anyone else.
We enter all contracts with clients in accordance with the laws of the state/county we perform work in.
We will perform all work required and offer an acceptable guarantee for all work performed.
We will seek and maintain a professional relationship with other members of the ACRBO
We will always speak and exhibit a professional level of courtesy towards all others in the profession.
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